Forgery & Fraud Crimes Attorney in Orange County, CA Forgery & Fraud Lawyer in Irvine, California

Forgery & Fraud Crimes in the state of California encompass several types of crimes. For example, Irvine, California courts can charge and prosecute someone for knowingly signing another person’s name, giving a false check, lottery ticket or legal documents or even writing a bad check. According to the law it doesn’t matter whether or not the intended victim was even defrauded, simply that the act was carried out with the intent to defraud the individual.

The law does specify that the person must have knowingly committed the act and intended to defraud another, which is sometimes hard to prove and the reason to seek the counsel of an Orange County attorney.

Forgery & Fraud crimes can be charged as a misdemeanor or felony depending on the circumstances, defendant’s previous record and also the amount of drugs involved. Punishment can range from a year in county jail to restitution and other costly fines. An experienced lawyer may help you in receiving alternative programs such as community service, electronic monitoring or a work release program.

If you have been charged with a Forgery & Fraud crime in the Orange County area, it is most important that you seek the advice of an experienced defense lawyer. This charge can be a serious one, however with an attorney that knows the criminal system it certainly improves your chances of a reduced punishment.

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