Orange County California Robbery, Theft & Weapon Crimes Attorneys Robbery, Theft & Weapon Crimes Lawyer in Irvine, California

Robbery, Theft & Weapon crimes are not something to take lightly in Orange County, CA. Sometimes defendants confuse robbery and theft, which are two different charges. Robbery involves the unlawful taking or attempt of another person’s property by force. It is considered armed robbery when a weapon or force is used, which can lead to a more serious charge. Theft while closely related is defined as the unlawful taking of another’s property, by false premises, larceny, embezzlement or trickery.

California courts use petty theft and grand theft categories to charge individuals. In order to charge a person with grand theft the amount of property must have been greater than $950. There are exceptions, however most defendants find that they need the representation of an attorney representing the Irvine, CA area. Robbery is a felony and can result in a punishment of up to 9 years in state prison for first degree and five years for second degree. California also goes by the Three Strike Law and additional offenses or charges can lead to harsher punishments and the longer prison times. The use of a weapon can enhance the charges, causing the charge to be harsher.

If you are facing a Robbery, Theft & Weapon Crimes, you need the help of an experienced defense attorney. Facing the court alone can result in a higher level of punishment and gaining strikes on your criminal record, which can result in the loss of freedom.

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