Orange County California Improper Turn Attorneys Improper Turn Lawyer in Irvine, California

As strange as it may seem there is actually an Improper Turn offense in Orange County, California. Drivers may be ticketed for disobeying a no turn sign, not making a full stop on a right turn on red or making an improper U-turn. The signs and traffic laws of Irvine are certainly to protect drivers, and the ticket for this offense can vary with different types of violations.

Drivers charged can be cited and pay a fine of between $50 and $300. Because this is a moving violation it can also accrue points on the driver’s record. Traffic tickets can quickly add up and with additional points, drivers could even face license suspension. Traffic violations and citations can be disputed in the Orange County, CA with an experienced traffic attorney.

If you or someone you know has received an Improper Turn citation, seek the assistance of a traffic lawyer. It is important to have your best interest protected, by an experienced attorney that can help protect your good driving record.

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