Invalid License/Suspended License Attorneys in Orange County, CA Invalid License/Suspended License Lawyers in Irvine, California

Drivers are required to have a valid license and keep it on their person while driving; otherwise they can be ticketed for Invalid license/Suspended license. While most offenses result in a traffic ticket, there are circumstances based on the drivers past record, where jail time can be assessed. For those that simply did not have their licenses on their person, at the time of the stop, they can present it in the Orange County, CA court, for possible dismissal

Other driving offenses that can be charged under this category are operating a motor vehicle without a valid license. For example, operating a motor cycle or other vehicle without an appropriate license is also considered an invalid license offense. Drivers can also be charged if their license has been suspended for habitual traffic offenses, or other violations that resulted in the loss of driving privileges.

Those charged with Invalid License/Suspended license should fight their ticket with an experienced attorney. Having a lawyer to represent your traffic ticket can possibly have the ticket dismissed, which will avoid points on your driving record, saving you money and protecting your future driving privileges.

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