Driving With Suspended License Attorneys in Orange County, CA Irvine, California Driving With Suspended License Lawyers

The most common reason that motorists are charged with Driving With Suspended License in Orange County, California is due to unpaid warrants. There can be other reasons that can result in the loss of driving privileges, such as DUI, medical problems and no proof of insurance, which are of the most common. There are situations where Irvine, CA judges will suspend driving privileges for other charges, such as failure to pay child support, possession of a controlled substance and even vandalism.  An experienced Orange County attorney can help you improve your chances of regaining your driving privileges.

Driving with a suspended license is charged as a misdemeanor in Orange County and can result in a conviction. If convicted a motorist can receive the maximum punishment allowable by law, which is up to 1 year in county jail and a fine of up to $2000. Depending on the circumstances both the monetary fine and jail time can apply. Factors that the court will take into consideration are previous criminal records, past driving history and circumstances of the arrest.

If you have been charged with driving with a suspended license or are in fear of getting stopped because of a suspension, contact an Orange County, CA attorney today. An experienced lawyer can represent your case and possibly decrease jail time as well as fines.

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