Probation Violation Lawyers In Orange County, CA Probation Violation Attorneys For The City of Irvine, CA

A Probation Violation in the state of California can result in an arrest warrant and possible jail time. Those on probation are required to complete the conditions of their probation, generally things like reporting to their probation officer in a timely manner, or notifying the court of address change and sometimes participating in classes or counseling. When these conditions are not maintained the Orange County, CA court system will issues a warrant for your arrest.

Other probation violations sometimes occur if the individual is charged with a new offense. The consequences can be severe and the warrant calls for your immediate arrest. In some cases, depending on the severity of the violation or new crime, you may be facing jail time. Sometimes after the defendant is charged with a new crime or found in violation of their probation, they can actually be punished more harshly for both offenses. Some offenses that can be charged with a probation violation are failure to appear for an Irvine, CA court date, not completing or enrolling in ordered classes/counseling, or failure to report.

When charged with a Probation Violation, reach out for an experienced attorney to represent you. It is best to seek the help of a lawyer right away to help build your defense.

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