Failure To Appear Attorneys in Orange County, CA Failure To Appear Defense Lawyers in Irvine, California

A Failure to Appear warrant can be issued when an individual fails to appear for their court date for criminal, traffic court of civil actions. In Orange County, CA this is sometime result in a bench warrant and is often charged as a misdemeanor crime. Punishment for failing to appear can be fines, jail time, probation as well as other penalties. Irvine courts will issue the warrant if the court date is missed and the defendant does not contact the court within 14 days.

An experienced attorney can assist you in evaluating your specific case and situation to take care of the arrest warrant. This is especially true when there are circumstances that the court system could take into consideration. Legal representation can help you get your record cleared; otherwise you could face a fine of up to $300 for each failure to appear, as well as a DMV license hold.

If you are someone you love is facing a bench warrant or Failure to Appear charge, call an experienced Orange County attorney today. A good lawyer can be the difference between serving jail time, hefty fines, probation and freedom.

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