Arrest Warrant Defense Attorneys in Orange County, CA Arrest Warrant Defense Lawyers in Irvine, California

When an Orange County, CA court issues an arrest warrant it is generally for a failure to appear to a scheduled court date. This means that the individual had tickets, usually for minor traffic violations and did not keep their court date. At the time that the judge issues the warrant, he or she generally sets bail as well. This is the amount of money that is required to get out of jail once the police arrest you. An Experienced attorney, representing the city of Irvine can help you get out of jail on your own personal recognizance, especially for traffic violations.

The punishment for arrest warrants in Orange County can vary; however can result in jail time as well as a fine and license suspension. The maximum sentence could result in 1 year in county jail and 3 years in state prison, as well as up to $10,000 in fines plus a suspended license. Defendants can fight for a lower bail amount and even to have the warrant recalled or quashed.

If you or your loved one is currently facing an arrest warrant, call for the representation of an Orange County attorney. Lawyers with years of experience know how to get the bail lowered, warrants recalled and possibly even quashed for good.

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