Internet Crimes Attorney in Orange County, CA Internet Crimes Lawyer in Irvine, California

There are a number of acts that a defendant can be charged with under the Internet Crimes law in Orange County, California. Federal as well as state laws prohibit the exploitation of children through exchanging or showing any sexual conduct of a minor, including storing or making any type of internet display. Charges can also be initiated for those that are accused of harassing or stalking another individual through online or electronic means.

Irvine, CA courts can pursue federal charges as the internet does not remain housed in one state. There can be numerous states involved and in this case a defendant should be represented by an attorney representing Orange County, CA. A good defense is important as there are numerous circumstances and situations to consider.

The intentional act of unauthorized use of another computer or personal information via online can also be considered internet crimes in California. Hacking can result in jail time as well as up to a $10,000 fine.

If you’ve been charged with an internet crime in Irvine, CA seek the representation of an experienced lawyer. Facing this type of charge is not something to ignore, it is very serious and can result in high fines, imprisonment and a criminal record.

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