Unsafe Speed Attorney in Orange County, CA Unsafe Speed Lawyer in Irvine, California

Sometimes drivers receive a ticket for unsafe speed, yet they weren’t traveling above the speed limit, which can be quite confusing. Orange County, CA courts differentiate between unsafe speed and traveling faster than reasonable for prevailing conditions such as weather, visibility or other dangers. This is charged as a misdemeanor; however there are different levels for the drivers speed and conditions. Being charged with unsafe speed also adds points to the driver’s record, which can increase insurance rates, hefty fines and if too many are obtained, the loss of driving privileges.

Drivers have the right to an attorney and request a Trial by Declaration. This allows you to explain your situation and possibly have the fines reduced or ticket dismissed. It is important to speak out because the more points that accumulates the greater likelihood that your driver’s license could be suspended.

If you were charged with unsafe speed and believe that you were in the right, contact a traffic attorney today. They can help you explain yourself in court and greatly improve your chances of having the ticket dismissed in the Orange County, CA court system.

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