Expired Registration Attorneys in Orange County, CA Expired Registration Lawyers in Irvine, California

A driver can receive a traffic citation for expired registration if they fail to renew their vehicle registration. In most cases drivers in the Orange County, CA area simply forget to update their address and never receive their renewal slip by mail. The annual registration can come and go without the driver even realizing it. Unfortunately, the city of Irvine can impose fines for this violation which can become increasingly expensive depending on the number of points or previous offenses on the drivers record.

The fine amounts depend, however this misdemeanor can run from approximately $250 and up. Along with the administrative fees the driver can also have points assessed on their driving record. Those receiving additional citations will increase those points, which lead to larger fines and eventually can lead to the suspension of driving privileges. Drivers that correct and renew their registration can be considered for a reduced fee rate, making it a good idea to renew before appearing in court.

An experienced traffic attorney can assist you with correcting your Expired Registration in the Orange County, CA area. Avoiding points and marks on your driving record is as important as not paying fines for traffic tickets. A good lawyer will help you contact the court, and possibly reduce the fines.

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